From Class To Clinician

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Join us for this on demand advanced eight module course that takes a deep dive into muscle function and dysfunction to really understand the "why" behind myofunctional therapy.  You'll learn anatomy in a 3D way which you have never seen it before! 

What you'll get:

  • a deeper understanding of muscles and how the dysfunction affects your patients
  • an in depth look at TMJ anatomy, function and the stages of dysfunction
  • a CBCT review to be able to analyze structure of what you are seeing on your patient's scans
  • learn how to take a comprehensive intake exam and translate that into a personalized treatment plan
  • option to join our add on case study portion that puts all of these pieces together in a practical way

Join us to learn more advanced structure and function in From Class To Clinician.  This course includes a private Facebook community group for questions.  It will also include Zoom calls for clarification.  We look forward to shining a light on new things you may have never heard of!








What People Are Saying:

"I was on the fence about taking this course because I am somewhat of an experienced OMT (5 plus years). I was thinking the class was going to be going over the basics, but I was wrong. I learned an immense amount of information about CBCT, connecting more muscles to exercises and case studies. I would recommend this class to anyone who feels they need something to connect the dots on all the information they have learned in the basic classes."

Tamara, Course Student

"This is an EXCELLENT course!! So full of information that will be of great use in your myo toolbox!! Joy and Susie are so amazing and quick to help in anyway they possibly can!! Thank you ladies for putting together an amazing course!!!"

Lindsay, Course Student

"Loved this class!"

Kathleen, Course Student

"Excellent course! Jam packed with information you want to know or refresh on! Well thought out and presented making it easier to absorb and put it all together!"

Rebecca, Course Student

"Great class with super instructors. Definitely worth taking!"

Mari, Course Student

Myo Business Jump Start

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Join us in this one of a kind six module on demand series! You will follow along step by step and build your myofunctional business.  We provide checklist for each module as well as resources for customizable brochures and a power point for educating professionals and patients. 

What you'll get:

  • Module One: Setting Up Shop
  • Module Two: Business Branding
  • Module Three: Education Materials
  • Module Four: Marketing
  • Module Five: Reports and Records
  • Module Six: Billing

This course also includes admission into our private Facebook community group for any questions.  We will also have 3 monthly Zoom call meetings to answer any questions and have discussion.  Can't wait to help you in this journey!












What People Are Saying:

"The Myo Business Jump Start course is value packed with a wealth of information for new therapists."

Rebecca, Course Student

"Joy and Susie thoughtfully present materials and useful information that ensure your will have the confidence to take necessary and actionable steps to get your practice off the ground!"

R. R. Course Student















Baby Mouth, Toddler Mouth

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Please join us for this on demand course that you can take at your own pace. Included is step by step assessment of infants and toddlers as well as how to formulate a home plan for parents.  Included is a private Facebook community group for support.  We look forward to seeing you there!

What you'll get:

  • over 100 hours of content in 87 lessons
  • a deeper understanding of baby and toddler oral development
  • instructional information on anatomy, breast and bottle feeding, pacifiers, airway, sleep, posture, TOTs, torticollis, plagiocephaly and how these all relate to oral health
  • templates, forms, paperwork for you to download and use 
  • support in a private Facebook group

This course was adapted from Brooke Pettus' course.  It will continue to be updated with current content. Can't wait to see you and guide you on this journey! 










What People Are Saying:

"This course is one in a million! For anyone who is wanting to work with the younger need this! There is SO much information that is invaluable. So helpful and eye opening!"

A.S., Course Student

"If you have any thoughts about working with this age group, this is a treasure of information."

M.F., Course Student

"This is an AMAZING course and a WEALTH of information."

L.M., Course Student













Billing Masterclass

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This is the masterclass you need to understand billing insurance and assisting patients in getting reimbursed.  This class is only held in person and live. We will send a separate Zoom link for you to join the class.  Looking forward to seeing you there! 

What you'll get:

  • review of payment, superbills and invoices
  • learn about different types of codes including diagnosis and procedure codes
  • how to fill out claim forms
  • see our seven step method from start to finish to help your clients get reimbursement

You will also receive an email with a customizable superbill, letter of medical necessity and a fillable workbook for your reference. Please join us for this informative masterclass to learn how to help your patients through the insurance web!









































What People Are Saying:

"If you're considering providing any details to help your patients get reimbursement, you MUST take this course."

Course Student

"It is a big time game changer! I’m so glad I took this class, it really helped me with questions I had about billing, insurance and offers a way for patients to be able to help recoup some of their expenses towards treatment."

Course Student

"Provides a great summary of how insurance companies work, what to include to receive the reimbursement, tips on how to avoid mistakes and details for specific codes are all extremely helpful - the class gives a great foundation on how to work with insurance and go about submitting a claim."

Course Student

"There is a lot of useful information, tips and tricks that are explained that will make it an easier journey for those of us starting up or wanting to out our patients to recover some of the expenses without having to wade through the muddy waters or trying to reinvent the wheel."

Course Student

"Had a blast at our billing class presented by Joy and Susie. These two ladies are two of the smartest, successful and fun certified orofacial myologists I know. It was an honor to host their class!"

Angie, Course Host

"I wanted to share that Joy and Susan's course was well worth my time and money. I would highly recommend their course. They are very easy to talk to, no question was a dumb question and the information I learned was very valuable. Having so much information to learn can be overwhelming then adding the business/financial part can be mind blowing. It was so helpful to have some guidance and organization and how best to help our patients from a billing/financial stand point. They were also great with sharing their wisdom on other myo related topics. Thanks again!"

Susie, Course Student

"I've really needed this content and am thankful Joy and Susie have put this course together!"

Rachel, Course Student

"This is exactly the class you need if you have questions about insurance codes and claims!"

Course Student

"Joy and Suzie are thorough and methodical in their instruction making it easier to process new information and easy to follow!"

Course Student

"This course provides a good guide on codes and information on helping patients w/the medical billing process."

G.H., Course Student