Implementing oral functional growth strategies in children at an early stage is vital. Dental professionals should be equipped to screen, intervene and aid patients at any age.

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With a passion for assisting dental and medical professionals to work together in screening and treating for oral myofunctional disorders and overall health, Joy Lantz, RDH, PHDH, COM, IBCLC brings nearly 30 years of experience in the dental field. She is a sought-after international professional speaker presenting courses on anticipatory guidance, collaboration for patient care, and myofunctional therapy.

Dynamic Presentations

Cultivating Healthy Smiles: Nurturing Oral Growth from the Start

Discover the importance of monitoring orofacial growth in the younger
patient while exploring a six-step plan which follows patients from birth to
age three.

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Decoding Myofunctional Disorders: Causes & Effect

Learn how to identify oral myofunctional disorders and recognize their root
causes and effects.

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Optimizing Oral Function with Myofunctional Therapy

Explore how myofunctional therapy can assist as pre- and post-operative
treatment, as well as supplemental therapy for patients experiencing
orofacial and health challenges.

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Ā Presentations

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  • American Laser Study Club Annual Symposium
  • Chicago Dental Society Englewood Branch Meeting
  • College of DuPage Dental Hygiene Program
  • Dental Festival-Dentistryā€™s Got Talent
  • Illinois Dental Hygiene Association
  • International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
  • International Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health-Singapore
  • International Association of Airway Hygienists
  • International Association of Tongue Tie Professionals Annual Session
  • Prairie State College Dental Hygiene Program
  • The British Society of Myofunctional Therapy