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Course Offerings for Patients & Parents

Myofunctional Disorders Through the Lifespan: Infant Through Adult

Join me for this on demand course that takes a deep dive into myofunctional issues from infancy through adulthood.  We will review structure and function of the mouth. Understand the dysfunction to really understand the "why" behind myofunctional issues. 

What you'll get:

  • a deeper understanding of structures in the mouth including tongue ties
  • an in depth look adult dysfunction
  • an in depth look at child dysfunction
  • an in depth look at infants and see the origins of myofunctional disorders

Join me to learn more in Myofunctional Disorders Through the Lifespan.  This course includes information that pertains to all facets of oral structure and function. I look forward to shining a light on new things you may have never heard of!

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“Outstanding course! Lots of information you want to know! Well thought out and presented course!”


“This is an eye-opening course!! Thank you for putting together an amazing course!!"

Educational Guides

For additional informational guides about oral ties, sleep issues and feeding infants, check our Resources page. 

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Myofunctional Visits Available for Children & Adults 

Myofunctional evaluations and sessions are available virtually for both children and adults. Please contact me via email with any questions or to set up an appointment. 

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